1961 San Diego Steel Products Roadster
 First Chevy V8 to attempt a qualifying run at Indianapolis Motor Speedway (May 1961).
 Set the world record for an open-wheel car on a 1.5 mile track with a one-lap average speed of 157.4 mph at Atlanta Motor Speedway in October 1964. 
 Won the “Little 500” at Anderson, Indiana in 1977 with Jeff Bloom driving.
 Built in 1960, retired in 1983, restored to 1961 configuration.
 This car received a great deal of media attention because of:
 The use of  Chevy V8 to challenge the dominance of the Offenhauser engine at Indy.
 The outstanding craftsmanship in the car.
 This car is credited in some circles with starting the “Roadster Revolution” in sprint car racing.
 Greg Weld once said, “It was the most immaculate race car I ever saw.  It was absolutely a work of art.  There wasn’t one weld on the car that wasn’t flawless and perfect.”
 This car was raced extensively from 1973 through 1983 in USAC, TRI-SAC, and outlaw races as the Roberts Steel Erection Roadster.
 It was driven by such notable drivers as Mike Magill, Greg Weld, Bob Hurt, Bob Pratt, Al Smith, Cy Fairchild, Tom Sneva, Duke Cook, Ray Wright, Johnny Logan, Marv Carman, and Jeff Bloom.

Here you will find information and photos about the history and restoration of this beautiful, red speed machine.

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